BlueCube Baths Review 2023

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Last Updated: 27 March 2023
Very Good
Starting at $16,000
5 Years
As small as 80"L x 39.5"W x 28.5"H 

Although The Cold Plunge has the most worldwide brand exposure, BlueCube Baths is right there with them. Not only have they been mentioned everywhere, celebrities like Joe Rogan personally vouch for them. However, their baths are not for the faint of heart, with the highest starting price point in the market. With that being said, you can be rest assured that you are paying for the ultimate experience in terms of overall quality.

BlueCube Baths Pros & Cons

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BlueCube is a company that specializes in the production of ice baths for recovery and therapy. The company has a strong focus on delivering high-quality products that are both effective and easy to use. They are known for their innovative designs, high-quality materials, and exceptional customer service. Biohacking advocates swear by this product. In terms of overall quality, you definitely get what you pay for. But is a $16,000 starting price tag really justified? Let’s see what BlueCube has to offer. 

You may not know it, but BlueCube is actually one of the older companies on the market. Yes, we use that term loosely, especially because it was founded in 2019. Based in Oregon, its founder, Thomas Schiffer, suffered from anxiety in which he was prescribed medication. According to Schiffer though, discovering ice bathing was the game changer in his life that he was looking for. He already had experience with freezers and refrigerators since he was in the restaurant business. He took that knowledge and created a beautiful piece of equipment. Now, the company has been featured in some pretty high-profile publications, and even has celebrities such as Joe Rogan using them. 

BlueCube tub top view

The BlueCube ice bath is designed with ease of use in mind. The product is simple to set up and requires no special tools or equipment. The product comes with clear instructions that make it easy to understand how to use it, even for those who have never used an ice bath before. The tub also comes preassembled; all you need to do is fill it with water. No ice, no setup times and no hassle. With this kind of price point, we expect the utmost intuitiveness and that’s what you get with BlueCube. 

The BlueCube ice bath is built to last. After all, it really is the pinnacle of cold therapy. BlueCube boasts the industry’s most powerful motor, in addition to what’s likely the best water circulation of any tub on the market. The product is made of high-quality wood materials (Hickory, Padauk, and Wenge) and is coated in boat varnish – materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. The exterior is made of a durable and waterproof material that is easy to clean and maintain. The interior is made of a food-grade liner that is safe for use with ice and water. The liner is also insulated to keep the water cold for longer periods of time, making it an ideal solution for people who want to use the product for extended periods of time. 

According to the BlueCube website, the tub was designed for reliability and little to no maintenance requirements. Recommended filter replacement is about once a month for people who use it daily. 

BlueCube tub outside in backyard

The BlueCube ice bath comes with a range of features that make it a standout product. Firstly, you can control the temperature, which ranges between 36°- 60°F. What stands out particularly is the water circulation of this beast. It is rated as the best water circulation ice bath on the market. The product also comes with a drain valve (at the bottom) that makes it easy to drain the water after use. On a side note, make sure to drain the water every few months in order to keep the filters clean from body oil and hair. The one downside is that if you do keep the tub outdoors, you need to keep it in the shade. Sun exposure can cause damage to the exterior of the tub. Additionally, simply connect the tub to any standard 120V plugin and you’re good to go. The energy output is similar to that of a small refrigerator. 

The tub also comes with a 20-micron filter and ozone sanitation (chemical free filtration). The only downside is that the base model fits people up to five foot eleven inches in height. If you’re taller than that, you’ll have to purchase the upgraded model which currently stands at a price point of $27,000. 

BlueCube tub outside view from above

The BlueCube ice bath is available in several different models, each with its own set of features and price point. The prices range from premium to extremely premium, to put it mildly. But hey, at least the company also offers a five-year warranty on their products, providing customers with peace of mind and added protection. They do also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, although there is a 10% restocking and return shipping fee that is not included. 

  • CoreChill The 5 Residential Cold Plunge – $14,999.99 (pre order only, March 2023) 
  • BlueCube Mini-Me Cold Plunge – $15,999.99 
  • BlueCube In-Line 46 Cold Plunge – $18,999.99 
  • BlueCube Malibu 56 Cold Plunge – $26,999.99 

They do also offer a commercial product for businesses looking to get into cold plunges. 


We love the company and the products they offer. However, in our opinion, BlueCube ice baths are below average value for money when compared to other cold plunges on the market. The product is well-designed, easy to use, and delivers effective results. Whether you are an athlete or just someone who wants to recover from a workout, the BlueCube ice bath is definitely worth considering. But, even with that said, this is one of the priciest machines out there. If you’re not absolutely obsessed with ice bathing, we recommend looking at companies like The Cold Plunge for starters. 

BlueCube tub outside near trees

BlueCube ice baths are excellent products that deliver on their promises. The company has a strong focus on innovation and delivering high-quality products, and their ice baths are no exception. The product is well-designed, easy to use, and delivers effective results. With its sleek and ergonomic design, it is perfect for people who are looking for the best of the best. Just be prepared to pay top dollar.