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Last Updated: 27 March 2023
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Starting at $6,900
5 Years
As small as 47.3”L x 31.5”W x 24.0”H

Odin Ice Baths is a small company located in Australia, but small companies tend to have certain advantages. That is certainly the case with them. For starters, they are one of the only companies to manufacture in-house, and not overseas. Secondly, each tub is handmade by their team of professionals. Lastly, they are one of the only companies on the market to offer tubs that reach 0°F. If you’re looking for extra cold exposure, you should consider Odin.

Odin Ice Baths Pros & Cons

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Odin Ice Baths – where do we even begin? We’ll get to their story in a minute, which honestly deserves its own blog post (Jonathan – we’d love to interview you). Odin markets itself as the only plug in cedar ice bath…and that’s exactly what it is – an ice bath. Their cold tubs reach a low of 32°F – one of, if not the, lowest in the world. The tubs actually produce their own ice. This is one of the craziest cold plunges on the market, not just in terms of temperature but also intuitiveness and design. In addition to this, they have steadily built up a solid reputation. From being mentioned in Men’s Health to other leading publications like Today and Women’s Weekly, Odin unquestionably deserves a spot on the top five list of best cold plunge tubs. 

Odin Ice Baths has, without a doubt, one of the wildest stories of all the cold plunge companies. We really don’t want to get off on a tangent, especially when we want to bring our reader’s direct and concise information. But how could we not here? Odin Ice Baths was started by a guy named Jonathan James. Jonathan was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a very early age. Doctors gave him until his 10th birthday to live. He’s now in his mid-30’s…and has not only started a company, but one that delivers best-in-class quality products. The baths are handmade in their small family run factory. According to their website, they use 316 stainless steel and clear western red cedar. They start with a huge coil of steel and a pile of wood and create the Odin all by hand. Honestly, the only downside to this company is the fact that they are a small operation, and thus production times can be slightly longer than the average (expect to wait 10-12 weeks). 

Odin Ice Bath tub on beach with leather top

If you want simplicity, look no further. Once the ice bath is delivered to your home, simply plug it in and set your temperature. There is no need for any troubleshooting or setup. This is one of the easiest ice baths to set up. The one downside is that Odin only ships it to your front door. You will need to tip it on its side and bring it into your home. This may seem like a big deal, and we don’t mean to sidestep this issue. You will need two people to tip it on its side (all models fit through a standard doorway). Models can vary from 175 pounds all the way to 265 pounds when empty. Remember, you won’t be lifting all that (you’re only lifting it onto its side). However, yes, we understand – it can be considered a nuisance for some. 

Odin baths are heavy compared to other baths on the market. That may be a negative if you’re worried about getting it into your home. However, the heavier a tub the better quality (generally speaking). And this is certainly the case with Odin Ice Baths. The exterior is made of high-quality cedar wood, while the interior lining is mostly marine grade 316 stainless steel. This makes maintenance a breeze since it can be cleaned easily with stainless steel cleaner and a rag, or with methylated spirits to remove water marks. One thing to keep in mind is that just because this tub is an overall incredible build, this does not mean that it isn’t susceptible to extreme weather. You should keep your Odin bath covered at all times and away from either extreme heat (which could cause the cooling unit to work overtime) or extreme cold (the pipes could freeze over). Also, these baths are water resistant, not waterproof. 

Moreover, their baths use 50-micron filters which usually lasts around one year. If you’re using it every day or nearly every day, the company recommends you change the filters every three to four weeks. Additionally, the company also recommends you change the water every two to four months. Draining the water is very straightforward. All the Odin’s have a plug which opens onto an elbow pipe, ending in a standard 18-millimeter garden hose attachment. When you are ready to drain, attach a normal garden hose to the pipe, pull the plug and the Odin will drain itself. 


Odin Ice Baths tub on beach

Let’s first start with the basics. These baths can reach 32°F and are capable of producing ice. If your goal is to plug into literal freezing water, these baths are for you. Empty weight can range from 175 pounds to 265 pounds, while full can range from 1,100 pounds to a whopping 2,500 pounds. You can expect to use roughly between 6kWh/day to 12kWh/day in electricity depending on the model. All models come with an RCD trip plug to be used with a standard 10amp household power socket, and are designed to be left on 24/7. Since this product is manufactured in Australia, it uses a 220v connection. If you’re buying from America or another country that uses 110v, you will need to purchase a voltage converter separately from a third party like Amazon (which should run you around $50). The power cord is only ~6 feet long so you may need an extension cord for this. Lastly, all of their baths use a Tecumseh R404a compressor, like those used walk-in freezers. The average life expectancy on the compressor is around 10-15 years. 

Odin Ice Bath Tub on wooden deck

Like Renu Therapy, Odin has baths for both cold plunging and hot soaking. Their baths cannot be used for both. Here are the three models they offer for their cold plunges: 

  • Odin Original – $6,900
  • Odin XL – $8,900
  • Odin Dual – $11,400

Keep in mind that people who are over six feet two inches will need to purchase the XL version. The Dual version can also fit taller people, and as the name suggests, it fits two people at a time. 

Here’s a breakdown of their hot soaks, which can reach temperatures up to 104°F: 

  • Odin Hot Original – $8,400
  • Odin Hot XL – $10,400
  • Odin Hot Dual – $13,500

All Odin baths come with a five-year warranty, which is longer than the industry average. 

First and foremost, it’s important to note that Odin Baths are luxury items and are priced accordingly. Yes, they are not as expensive as other baths on the market, but they are certainly not the most affordable option on the market either. However, they are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and premium features. If budget is a concern for you, then an Odin Bath may not be the best choice. However, if you are looking for a high-end bath that is designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, then an Odin Bath could be a great investment. Odin Baths are known for their unique design, with a focus on natural materials and a sleek, modern aesthetic. They are also equipped with a range of features that are designed to promote relaxation and wellness. In our opinion, the value proposition is definitely up there, but there are other baths that offer slightly more value for your money. 

Odin Ice Baths tub on beach

Overall, Odin Ice Baths are an easy and accessible way to incorporate cold water therapy into your wellness routine. With a little preparation and a willingness to embrace the cold, you can reap the many benefits of this new trend, especially in a tub that reaches a freezing 0°F! If this is something you are going to be using every day, we stand by this product. The durability is among the best on the market, and the simplicity is a nice added benefit.